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Some technical and operational issues Dear customers, we inform you about some points in the work: 1. Chats Due to the launch of the mirrors, there were some malfunctions in the technical support chat, in connection with this the calls were doubled and the operators could not cope with the volumes of calls.

The company's specialists eliminated these technical issues and now two btcincome comerț rooms are open. One of them is a chat for general questions on work, the second for questions regarding lost payments and transactions on various cryptocurrencies.

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Work with ETH Ethereum cryptocurrency After analyzing payments with Ethereum cryptocurrency, our experts found some network failures when working with a huge number of payments. Failures are associated with a huge number of orders for the payout of small payments in a short time, which does not allow the nodes to work correctly.


Failures occur and the money does not reach the destination. We have been struggling with this problem for several months and btcincome comerț returning payments.

Now it was decided to exclude these adverse circumstances. To solve this issue, work with the Ethereum cryptocurrency has been changed: the minimum amount for trading will be 2 ETH, the minimum btcincome comerț for payout well be 1 ETH.

Those customers who have a lower amount on the balance sheets for trading and payouts, please use the exchange and withdraw another cryptocurrency, the exchange will be updated twice a day for the next five days. We also ask you not to use exchanges and exchange services when replenishing Ethereum, because very often the above senders use smart contracts instead of tokens to send.

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Such payments are not accepted by our bitcoin barter receipt system, and our specialists look for these payments on the network for manual crediting to your accounts.

Please use personal wallets to replenish.

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Verified accounts We kindly request that all customers who pass verification provide their own original documents. If a discrepancy is found documents copied from the Internet or anotherthe account will be deleted.

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VIP work We kindly ask algoritmici de tranzacționare bitcoin to familiarize yourself with the mandatory clause in the User Agreement before submitting an application for working under VIP conditions. The company is required to receive a fixed income for coordination and payment to agents for quick summaries of financial indicators.

Therefore, the client must also understand that this condition is mandatory and if the working conditions for VIP status are violated, work will be suspended for a certain time, after which the account will be settled and closed.

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Appeals to the technical department For swearing, insulting and spam chat support, the account will be automatically deleted. Selfie verification We recommend that customers who undergo additional verification, namely confirmation of a selfie account with a passport, wait for confirmation and do not contact this technical department, do not spam the technical department.

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This check may take several hours or several days; information on request by the security service is available in the User Agreement. Thank you for your attention.

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Good work. La btcincome comerț.