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Hashrate-ul Bitcoin Cash a scăzut enorm - urmează Bitcoin?

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Is it the beginning of cryptocurrency era? Will the global economy change?

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Maybe yes, maybe not. In this game the answer to those questions depends on you! Start to earn with a cryptocurrency miner, increase your income, create your own cryptocurrency!

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The game, as well as its development, is divided into three main stages, which we nominally called: "Mining", "Data Center" and "Cryptocurrency Creation" The first stage, "Mining", is now fully completed and available, including: - More than components in the hashrate la bitcoin store, where new products and unique offers appear changing one another; - Farms creation, overclocking and repair of components, temperature control; - The opportunity to enter a mining pool, get an assessment of your created farms, a hint for your further development or access to non-standard items; - "Live" Exchange, where the hashrate la bitcoin rate is constantly changing and is dependent on News; - Events that not only affect the game, but also shed light on the features of real Cryptocurrencies; On the second stage, the "Data Center" update will be released for Early Access, giving players the opportunity to buy a new room, hire employees, significantly improve their equipment and to launch their own ICO project.

On the last, and the most interesting stage, the full version of the game will be released, where you will finally be able to create and develop your own cryptocurrency! Cerinţe de sistem.