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She was so proud that there was a registered trademark on the name, but it's fucking dumb lol Zachary PeggAcum lună I reckon Kardoctor is the worst thing ever.

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They dont just get left dangling on the floor? Grim ReaperAcum lună What do your hotels look like over here our hotel have shower's on the wall damn do they even have bed in their or do you pay to sleep on the floor Val HargetAcum lună Recorded with carrot Jarosław ZawadzkiAcum lună This is what happens when you want to rush to start a business without a proper product.

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R RamAcum lună I can imagine someone plugging a whole different category into the shicshacshec whilst in the shower Humperdoo SavesAcum lună These actually would be handy for where in some countries, you want to mount the shower hose head higher up the wall - for instance Japan where they are often mounted too low. Also I can see people buying these for btc rusia own homes, if they want to have a second mount for someone at a different height.

Not a bad idea.

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How is that possible? An international patent countries costs less than 5k. To register a brand internationally is less than 1k. So I really don't get it. Did she pay a shit ton to lawyers?! JIKittyAcum 2 luni This looks like it was filmed on a small potato that's connected to a larger potato. Allan OberholtzerAcum 2 luni Ill admit Sometimes these stupid inventions come in real handy.

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RaylzAcum 3 luni If I went to a hotel and it didn't have a shower head holder, I'd be changing hotels!! M SAcum 3 luni It's sad people don't do market research.

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There's not a single shower in america that needs one of these lol. Every hose-showerhead has a holder like that Jordan ReneauAcum 3 luni I can make £ 10 billion i only need to sell a gazillion units.

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Its so easy 5tyyuAcum 3 luni the worst youtube upload in quality, a lousy pixels, bitcoin trader pitch pe dragons den whit a VHS recorder to copy the original you couldn't get it this bad tvamsterdamAcum 3 luni Wait, the narrator is a real person?! I thought it was just the disembodied voice over JerzeVillainAcum 3 luni She could have pitched it as a gadget for convenience, and for children to use. The Art DoctorAcum 3 luni This would be good for older folks or people who need assistance with bathing.

They can move the hose lower or to a more convenient spot. Not for hotels!

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Oooo AAcum 3 luni It's a suction cup sconce. JCstockAcum 3 luni There's been bitcoin trader pitch pe dragons den Poyo DoyoAcum 3 luni This is something that would be popular with some of the people in the disability community.

We take shower heads on vacation with my daughter. But no way I would buy this ever.

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It can hang I don't care. Which would be a strong selling point ryan reynoldsAcum 4 luni There is a small market for it for sure.

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The odd too tall or short or kids height ect. TSfish94Acum 4 luni So does this exist on Amazon now or something bc I could really use one when washing my dog, he's so low to the ground it's hard SarabellumAcum 4 luni this is perfect for people with toddlers or pets. Yes most high end hotels will have one but what about people who are just crashing in a middle to low end motel for one night and this problem occurs.

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Especially in America where I live this unique problem has occurred to me a few times. Here in America people would get so offended and cancel him for that.

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Never came across this KotyAcum 3 luni Lmao right!? Alex GreyAcum 4 luni This is the poster child of what not what to do. I saved this Nathan ClarkAcum 4 luni She straight up manufactured a problem so her product can exist.

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